Professional Doctorate in E-Commerce and E-Marketing

Part 1: Traffic Secrets : How to Increase :
  • Nicheology
  • Website visitors
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Linkedin connections
  • Youtube views
  • Instagram friends
  • WhatsApp members
  • B2B leads
  • C2C clients
  • Get traffic via SEO
  • SMO social media optimization
  • Paid campaigns strategy
Part 2: TOP 20 Tools to run a successful Business :
  • Any business owner assumes many functions — marketing, sales, human resources, information technology, and research and development. Fortunately, there are some terrific online tools to help you perform most any company task. In our program we will give you 20 tools.
Part 3: The revolution of CR (Conversion tools) :
  • How to convert visitors to audiences
  • How to convert COM to ROI
  • How to convert eCRM into ROI
  • How to get reasonable CTR
  • How to convert PR into ROI
  • CRO conversion rate optimization
  • WhatsApp for business
  • Instagram for Business
  • Viber, Line, and vine for e-commerce
  • Organize Mobile apps to get high payable clicks
  • Organize social websites through your mobile to maximize your audiences
  • Make money with mobile sets
  • How to get Niche mobile marketing brain
  • Dominate your marketing niche via your mobile sets
  • The best way to Provide company or product information
  • Creating brands using mobile sets
  • Facilitate and run contests and giveaways via your mobile sets
  • Make money with mobile marketing
Part 5: Online PR and e-CRM :
  • What is Public relation PR ?
  • What is Customer Relationship Management CRM ?
  • CRM vs e-CRM
  • PR vs Online PR (e-PR)
  • How to increase your sales using Online PR?
  • Free and Paid eCRM techniques.
  • Enhance customer retention with social media.
  • Blog and interact with your customers.
  • Interact with your customers using e-mail marketing .
  • Interact with your customers using WhatsApp lists and groups.
Part 6: E-mail marketing techniques :
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers/clients using e-mail marketing techniques and other tools.
Part 7: Online branding :
  • What is Brand and Branding?
  • Creating brands online
  • Branding vs Online Branding
  • Using social media for online branding
  • Corporate Internet Branding
  • Branding Strategy in Keeping your Goal Alive on your Internet Marketing Investment
  • Visual Branding Keys To Make Your Business Memorable
  • How to Website Branding using Brand Page and Increase Credibility and Revenue?
  • Steps To Branding Any Resell Rights Product For Free
  • Re-branding for companies in crisis
  • Brand building after disaster
  • Turning a digital brand to physical
  • Brand value depends on the amount (and maybe quality) of social communication
  • Re-branding using youtube
  • Re-branding companies case studies
  • Brand Equity and Brand Image
  • Creating a Strong Brand on the Internet
Part 8: Internet Marketing and commerce strategies :
  • Strategies For Effective Online marketing
  • Strategies for online commerce
  • Strategies for online Branding
  • Strategies for e-marketplaces
  • Internet Jobs
Part 9: Shipping and Payment techniques :
  • Air services
  • Ocean services
  • Bank account and bank wire transfer
  • Payment for export and import
  • Payment companies , wire and checks
  • Online banks and Online Payment
  • Local shipping and payment strategies
  • Logistics of e-commerce
Part 10: Case studies :
Business research :
  • Development techniques for business-to-business and business-to-consumer Internet marketing, implementation procedures for market strategy, and fundamentals of customer-focused e-commerce user interface design.
E-commerce projects :
  • Instructs students in how to manage an integrated supply chain specific for an e-commerce business
  • B2B websites
  • B2C websites
  • C2B websites
  • C2C websites
  • Classified ads websites
  • News websites
  • eZines websites
  • e-learning websites
  • Affiliate websites
  • Drop shipping websites
  • E-marketing websites
  • Gigs websites
  • Free lancers websites
  • Jobs websites
  • E-Stores (e-shops websites) websites
  • Commission websites
  • E-books websites
  • Export and Import websites
  • International Fairs websites
Requirements for an online e-commerce and e-marketing doctoral degree :
  • Master's degree in e-business, e-commerce, e-marketing or a related field.
  • Access net
  • Pay the cost
  • Pass all Exams
Accreditation :
  • Professional Doctorate in E-commerce and E-marketing
  • Accredited by EMDL E-Commerce Driving License Ltd , London , England
Certification :
  • EMDL E-Commerce Driving License
  • Syndicate Of E-Commerce And E-Marketing
  • Institute Of E-Commerce And Technology